Everyone wants their website to stand out, but is Flash the way to go.  In this day and age of smartphones and I Pads, does it make sense to lose part of your audience by using Flash?

I wasn’t a huge fan of the I Pad, I just couldn’t see the need for it.  I have my laptop, I have my smartphone…I’m mobile, what more could a girl need??  Then, last year, my husband had to go out and buy me one, my first thought, “I don’t need this” then we set it up…..I was done for.  How did I live without it?  I just wasn’t mobile enough apparently.  I use it from the time I get up til the time I go to bed.  I’m addicted.  It’s so bad in our house…we need two!

So they’re good right?  Right, but………they aren’t playing so nice with Adobe or vice versa (depending on who you talk to)…the bottom line no Flash, no PDFs……it’s not so bad, unless you run into somebody that wanted a Flashy, Sparkly website and did their whole site in Flash.  You lost me, I can’t see it and I’ve moved on to maybe your competition.

Your best bet is to stay away from Flash, get a great design and keep your load times low.  People are coming to your site for more information, maybe to buy your products, keep it simple and give them what they want.  Don’t lose them because your not keeping up with the times.