MoxDog, branding, websites, social mediaWhen your thinking about marketing, remember to keep your brand in mind.  So many businesses use different looks for their business card, website and social media accounts.  When you develop your brand and use the same look and feel across all modes of marketing…people will remember your business.  And that’s our goal….right??

Here are some tips on what big companies are doing…

  1. Develop all-encompassing brand standards – Make sure you have a plan for all aspects of your business.
  2. Dedicate a single person to guiding and enforcing brand standards – When multiple people are putting in their 2 cents, your brand suffers.
  3. Embrace storytelling – I know I love a good story, use yours…people will love to see how it plays out.
  4. Take advantage of big data – Use Google Anayltics (it’s free!) review the data…what do your customers like, what’s not working….
  5. Get involved in the community – This is a simple one…GET INVOLVED!  It makes you feel good and people will feel good about your brand…BONUS! (that was in a sing songy voice)

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