Surprise, surprise..Microsoft is having a security issue with Internet Explorer.  Do people still even use it?  In my dream world of blue skies, sunshine and butterflies…no, BUT… a web designer I know people are still using it.

Here is the low down….it came out over the weekend that there is a bug in their system.  The security flaw allows attackers to slip malicious code into an innocuous website, using a compromised file.

They have yet to come out with a fix.  Even worse, those of you still using Windows XP, won’t get a fix.

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So you have couple of things you can do, you can implement the bug fix Microsoft came out with until they can come out with a security patch or move on… another browser.  There are great ones out there….Chrome (my fav), Firefox (my next fav)…and best of all they are FREE! My advice pick a new one, go to their website and download the program and NEVER LOOK BACK 🙂

Good Luck!!