6 Security Concerns Every Property Owner Should Know About

6 Security Concerns Every Property Owner Should Know About

Owning a property is a significant investment. It requires not only your time and money, but it also forces you to consider all kinds of potential threats. Every property owner wants to protect their investment, and that requires further investments into security. But...

Investing in Rental Property – What to Know!

Investing in Rental Property – What to Know!

Pick a great location Start small for big cash flow % Run the numbers conservatively…then run them a second time Don’t over-improve the property Hire Property Management Co. to choose tenants wisely & handle Leasing   Pick a great location   For...

Ten Reasons to Own Multifamily

Ten Reasons to Own Multifamily

Why own apartments? Following are ten reasons to own multifamily. While real estate investing is a contact sport with numerous pitfalls the rewards can be enormous.  Positive outcomes require patience, expertise, access to capital and time with equal emphasis on all...

Happy New Year! Let’s talk some goals…..

At the beginning of the year (or at the end of the year...when we really should have done it), we all talk about setting goals...make a million dollars, hire 100 employees, re-do your website, etc, etc, etc. This year at least keep one of them....YOUR...

Make Your Website Work For You

Did you finally bite the bullet and get a website up for your business? Did you then cross it off your list and move on to the next thing? Your website should always be on your to do list. It should play a big part in your business, how can you make it better, how can...

Happy Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran's Day to all the Military that keeps us safe and our country free.  We Thank You.

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