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You can sleep well knowing Cardinal Point Property Management is taking care of your property and tenants – if you live in the next town over, or if you live 3000 miles away.

You can also take advantage of our unique Tenant Placement Guarantee… something no other property management companies in the Seacoast dares to offer!  That’s because our real estate professionals know how to find, screen, and keep good, paying tenants who stay longer, increasing your equity & ROI.

“It’s very reassuring to us, even living 3000 miles away knowing Cardinal Point is finding and screening qualified tenants, handling maintenance issues, and keeping us informed about our investment properties.  I strongly recommend him as a property manager who’s responsive, responsible, takes pride in his work, and looks out for the best interest of his client.”


San Diego, California

Why Hire Cardinal Point?

  • Peace of mind knowing your investment is being taken care of
  • The advantage of our Tenant Placement Guarantee
  • Leasing &/or Management of your property is our only focus
  • We partner with local agents so we are never distracted with a big sale
  • The personal attention you deserve!
6 Security Concerns Every Property Owner Should Know About

6 Security Concerns Every Property Owner Should Know About

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Investing in Rental Property – What to Know!

Investing in Rental Property – What to Know!

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Ten Reasons to Own Multifamily

Ten Reasons to Own Multifamily

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