Web Design

Why should I have a website?

People, today, are turning more and more to the Internet in their daily lives, whether it’s to use their e-mail, pay bills, or do research. Where people once picked up of the phone book, they are now turning to the web to find a doctor, movie theater or an electrician.


Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a line in a book, you could have an entire website that can really show a potential customer who your company is and the services you provide.

Many people think because they don’t sell anything, then what’s the point?

A good website can lend credibility to your company or cause. Whether your providing a service, selling a product or raising money for a charity, having a website is a great way to get the word out.

Make it Mobile!  Most people are accessing your website from their smartphone or tablet, make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices.


The Process

  1. The Personal Meeting:  In this electronic age, Moxdog doesn’t forget about our customer. We will come out and personally meet with you. We like to get a feel for who you are and what your company does.
  2. The Proposal:  We will then submit our proposal for your approval. We will include all the detail, so you understand exactly what you’re getting and what to expect.
  3. The Designs:  We then will come up with 4-5 custom designs. The great thing about Moxdog is that you don’t have to select just one design. What if you like the colors from one design, the menu from another and the graphics from yet another….No problem! Take a couple days to review the designs and decide what you like and don’t like about each design.
  4. The Final Design:  Based on your input, we will then come up with a final design that represents your company and a site that makes you proud, not embarrassed.
  5. It All Comes Together:  We will then get to work on putting all the pieces together…the design, content and graphics.
  6. Need Help with Your Domain & Hosting?  If your confused about what to do next, we will help you in selecting a domain name, setting up web hosting and your e-mail.
  7. And, last but not least…..What Good is a Website without Submitting it to the Search Engines?  As with any website Moxdog develops, we will submit the final product to all the major search engines.

Moxdog Hosting & Design takes the questions out of the whole process.

Call or e-mail today for a free quote or website consultation.